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14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

When you entrust a random taxi company to provide you with efficient 14-16 seat minibus hire travel plans, you are likely to end up regretting. In Oxford, you can’t afford to mess your group travel plans whether it’s a business trip or a leisurely excursion. Group travel can be trick until you contact Travel Eaze to streamline affairs. We have been in the local taxi industry for the last 15 years. Our expertise and skills have grown by leaps and bound. We don’t rely on luck to serve our customers but we operate with our customers as our top priority.

Positive Referrals

Contact Travel Eaze for your 14-16 seat minibus hire needs and you will get quick response whether its day or night. We have a customer care team that will assist you with the 14-16 seater minibus travel plans. Our exports have been helping thousands of 16 passenger’s groups to travel in Abingdon and Godstow with success. In fact, our commitment has seen us getting repeat business from customers who loved our 14-16 seat minibus hire package. The referrals and recommendations we get are the reason why we are amazed by our growth.

A History of Diligence and Competence

Are you worried that the taxi operator you pick to provide the 14-16 seat minibus hire services will end up scamming or defrauding you? Travel Eaze has a history of diligence and competence over the years. We are not in the industry to make money through false pretences. We have zero cases of customer complaint. We try as much as we can to solve conflicts in the most amicable way. We are compliant with the Oxford transport sector regulations and you have the chance to seek redress if we ever short-change you and your group.

Get Custom Packages

Are you looking to take your 16 passenger group fry a group tour of Headington or Witney in total comfort? Choose the 14-16 seat minibus hire vehicles, and you can do so in total bliss. We provide tastefully furnished minibuses with every feature you want. We can customize our minibuses to match your unique needs. We are in the business to provide clients with the highest standards and we never say no to your requests. If you are looking for a particular latest model and we don’t have it in our fleet, we will do everything we can to get it for your trip.

Spacious 14-16 Seater Minibuses

Contact Travel Eaze and get spacious 14-16 seater minibuses that will fit your bags and gear in one go. If you have too much, we will offer you trailer carrier at no extra cost. The added functional features service make your trip more fulfilling and relaxing. Our disabled access ramps, air-conditioning and ample legroom guarantee you comfort and convenience. These minibuses can hack any terrain or weather. You no longer have a reason why your 16 passenger group can’t enjoy the Oxford trip. Contact us.

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