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8-9 Seater Minibus Hire

In Oxford, Travel Eaze offers a superb 8-9 seat minibus hire package to different traveling groups made up of 9 passengers. We know the benefits that come with leaving your family van at home, and we want to share them with you. When you book the 9 seater minibus, you no longer have to worry about getting parking, paying for fuel or organizing multiple cabs to pick a group. We are renowned for offering practical solutions to a variety of travel challenges. We will drive you to your social gathering or business meetings and help you make the perfect statement.

Customized Options

At Travel Eaze, the 8-9 seat minibus hire package is available in its standard version. Travel Eaze acknowledges that some groups will want a customized option. We will listen to your specifications and lead you to a practical solution. You can book these minibuses for half a day, full day or an extended duration. If you will be staying for a month or so in Oxford, we will work out a logical contract. We will offer great incentives if you are hiring more than two 9 seater minibuses. The spacious minibuses in our fleet will enhance your Oxford trip, and give you every reason to book with Travel Eaze when your group visits Godstow or Headington for a second time.

Why Choose Us?

With the extensive group taxi knowledge we have amassed in the 15 years of service, Travel Eaze will provide everything you specify. Many operators will give you fake reasons why they cannot honour your demands. Others will end up being a no-show when you need the airport pickup badly. With us, we have invested in the right fleet, personal and technology. There is no customer demand that is too difficult for us. We make booking a breeze with the smartphone app, it’s a simple two-step process. You only need to download the app and book. Our personnel go all out to ensure that your 8-9 passenger group makes the most out of your trip.

Tour the City in Style

At Travel Eaze, we have the standard 8-9 seater minibus hire package, and we can provide the luxury version of the same. We know that some customers prefer to tour the city in style. As such, Travel Eaze makes quick arrangements to offer VIP minibuses and any customized vehicle when you need it. We not only cater to the transport aspect in Abingdon and Witney, but we strive to offer complimentary services as well.

We don’t pick and drop like the rest. We stay around to ensure you have everything you need when you get to the hotel or meeting venue. Other operators will charge you to wait for you if your flight is delayed and they will bill you to help you get accommodation. Travel Eaze offers it for free. Contact us today.

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