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16-18 Seater Minibus Hire

Traveling in Oxford and its surrounding in a group of 18 can be hectic. There are logistical challenges you need to jump over. Your business or leisure trip can end in disarray if you are handling business and travel plans all at the same time. To be safe, choose a reputable 16-18 seat minibus hire service provider to take care of your movement from one point to the other. Travel Eaze stands tall when it comes to providing professional group taxi plans for your 18 passengers. We have been in the trade for one and a half decades. We have polished our service delivery.

We Listen To Your Needs

Trusting a seasoned taxi company like Travel Eaze to handle your large group travel needs will help you relax and concentrate on the core business that bought you to Oxford. We have our customer care team, travel planning experts and veteran drivers to take care of the heavy lifting. Once you call us, we listen to what your group needs and we direct you towards a practical plan and minibus model. You can ask for a customized travel package and we will deliver accordingly. We won’t charge you for the unusual features you need. Travel Eaze is in the business of satisfying customers without limiting their needs.

Superb Rates

Choose the 16-18 seat minibus hire package and you will be amazed by our rates. Our competitors will always seek to drain your wallet. Travel Eaze will do the opposite. We will allow you to share the cost and we give you additional incentives that help you save your travel pounds. Prebook the 18 passenger minibus and we will offer you a discount. Choose 5 of them and we will offer you more discount. We want you to afford the coveted trip in Godstow and Witney without worrying about your wallet.

Highly Maintained and Insured Minibuses

When you pick the 16-18 seat minibus hire from Travel Eaze, you can travel in peace knowing that you are riding in highly maintained minibuses. We service them every week and after every trip. Our mechanics are experts in this sector. We fully insure our fleet and we have proof if you need it. The GPS tools aboard each of our vehicles lets us monitor you in real-time. If you get stalled for some reason along the way, we will know and respond fast.

Flexible Terms and Conditions

Choose Travel Eaze if you plan to tour Oxford for a day or for several weeks. We have flexible terms and conditions with every extended travel plan. Your group can switch the 16-18 seater minibuses at will. You don’t have to worry about servicing the vehicles since we will replace the minibus if it performs poorly or presents mechanical hitches. We are available on public holidays. Call us in an urgent situation in Abingdon or Headington. We will be there in a flash. Contact us.

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